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On the basis of strictly abiding by the Anti-Corruption Law, Anti-Money Laundering Law and other relevant laws and regulations, CTEA convened a Party building and anti-corruption meeting and signed a letter of responsibility for Party integrity building. We held talks with leading cadres on integrity building and two admonitory meetings for cadres. We also carried out the “100 Discipline Inspection Cadres Stress Discipline” activity and distributed the Cases of Admonitory Education for CRRC Cadres. Through these endeavors,

CTEA has enhanced employees’ awareness of honesty and self-discipline, deepened anticorruption and integrity building, and maintained an atmosphere of integrity within CTEA.

CTEA may provide training to employees and stakeholders about the whistleblowing policy to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities.

CTEA increased oversight of the bidding process in order to guarantee unbiased and fair supplier screening. By streamlining channels for complaints and reports, and developing a mechanism to safeguard whistle blowers, CRRC Disciplinary Committees processed a total of  307 complaints and reports at all levels.

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