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Along with the rapid development of China's economy and society and the upgrading of rail transit equipment products, CRRC has increasingly deepened its understanding of social responsibility. In particular, the deep integration with the capital market, benchmarking with world-class companies, and extensive communication with stakeholders have prompted CRRC to establish a social responsibility and ESG management system for better integration of social responsibility and ESG philosophy into corporate management, so that we can actively assume social responsibility


Deeply aware of the significance of social responsibility fulfillment, CRRC continuously enhances corporate social responsibility awareness. We adopt the social responsibility philosophy of “Dedicated to Our Founding Mission and Committed to Our Social Responsibility” and adhere to the mission of “Connecting the World through Better Mobility”, continuously promoting the integration of social responsibility philosophy into our corporate operation and management. This not only summarizes our social responsibility philosophy, but also serves as a navigation mark that guides CRRC's social responsibility practice

Upholding the right path

Our value pursuit 

​Adhering to high ethical standards 

Our Moral pursuit 

Following the right trend

Our development pursuit 

Shouldering major responsibility

Our CSR pursuit 

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Improving Social Responsibility
ESG Management System 

CRRC further functions the supervisory duty of the Board on ESG work.


CRRC has set up a leading group for corporate social responsibility (CSR) to review, discuss and decide on the direction, content, and implementation of CSR and ESG. Working groups have also been established to manage CSR on a routine basis. As the highest governing body of CRRC charged with CSR, the Board is responsible for core work such as reviewing CSR and ESG management plans and annual CSR reports. CSR is practiced by functional departments at the headquarters and subsidiaries to ensure that CSR is fully implemented at all levels of the Company. The Board fulfills its leading role in advancing CSR and ESG work competently. In addition to reviewing sustainability objectives and development plans, it has provided guidance and recommendations for enhancing ESG performance. An efficient, unimpeded, timely, and accurate governance mechanism has hence formed. CRRC plans to set up a CSR and ESG committee under the Board to further improve its ESG governance structure. This committee will be able to examine ESG from the Company’s vision and mission and integrate it into corporate strategy, thereby improving communication between the Board and investors on ESG topics.


CRRC strengthens management of CSR and ESG goals. The Company establishes


medium- and long-term goals for ESG carbon emissions, resource consumption, and other key performance metrics based on its internal and external circumstances, decomposes these goals, and develops strategies for achieving them.


CRRC enhances CSR and ESG systems. Focusing on creating a long-term mechanism for CSR and ESG management, the Company improves CSR and ESG strategies. Relevant governance, integration, performance, and communication mechanisms are also enhanced. This ensures effective standardization, institutionalization, and systematization of CSR and ESG management

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