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Zhuzhou CRRC Times Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has contributed to the research and development and industrialization of power semiconductor technology since 1964, Now it has become the representative of IDM companies in the world who have the technology of IGBT、SiC、Thyristor、IGCT and their assembly simultaneously, owned complete industrial chain with wafer - module - power assmebly. The company currently has R&D centres in China and the United Kingdom, with marketing networks all over the world. The company is the supporting unit of the State Key Laboratory of New Power Semiconductor Devices and the National Energy High-power Electronic Device R&D Centre, Chairman Unit of China Power Semiconductor Technology Innovation and Industry Alliance, Co-founder Company of Hunan Power Semiconductor Innovation Centre.


Electric Drive & Autonomous
Mining trucks

Unmanned demonstration project in 2021

31 large-tonnage diesel-electric driven mining trucks

17,100 cubic meters per day, with a total monthly

output of 315,000 cubic meters

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