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Hydrogen Power Supply Systems

Standard capacity 2.5 MW; 5MW; 10MW etc. adapting to the users’ needs

Wider DC voltage and current range allows compatibility with different electrolyzer technologies (alkaline, PEM, SOEC)

Multiple topological and integrated CRRC intelligent operation and maintenance platform measuring both reliability and availability

Lean and efficient converting technology reduces the cost for user’s systems

The IGBT technology provides small grid side harmonics and high power factor friendly to the

grid – Small DC side ripple is friendly to the electrolyzer

Quick system response with reactive power compensation suitable for green power hydrogen systems

Modular platform air-cooling/ water -cooling options meeting different applications

The solution integrates the
medium/ high voltage switch gear, transformer, auxiliary power supply and rectifier plug-and-play optimizing installation time and cos



The CRRC Hydrogen PowerSupplyconverts the AC power from the grid to DC power that meets the standardof the electrolyzer.IGBT technology is used to minimize the impact on the grid without any additional filter or compensation device;the small DC ripple is friendly to electrolyzer,and the quick system response is suitable for coupling with a new energy grid.

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