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In 2017 CTEA won the largest equipment subcontract for the Melbourne High-Capacity Metro Train Project(HCMT).This rolling stock Public-Private Partnership is the largest in Victoria.

Currently manufacturing 70 trains with 490 cars. 35 years maintenan cecontract.

Flexibility to manufacture and commission wide variety of new energy products.

CRRC TimesElectric
Australia Pty Ltd(CTEA)

Established 2012

Melbourne headquarters

Power converter factory Morwell,Gippsland

20 employees

Australian Team & Facility

Local manufacture
Local technical support
Local spare parts supply
 Australian implementation expertise
Long term commitment
Compliance to standards &regulations
CRRC TimesElectric Australia Pty Ltd(CTEA)
Electrification and Transport 

CRRC Corporation leads the global rail transit equipment industry, providing a comprehensive range of technologically advanced products. With a focus on sustainable operations, CRRC aims to enhance mobility worldwide through its mission of "Connecting the World through Better Mobility." By prioritizing innovation in technology, products, and service models, CRRC develops serialized, modular, and standardized platforms that align with the requirements of advanced, intelligent, green, and safe rail transit systems. CRRC's extensive global presence includes 86 subsidiaries and 18 R&D centers across six continents, enabling the company to serve 116 countries and regions.

Renewable Energy and Energy Storage 

CRRC Corporation is committed to advancing renewable energy and energy storage solutions. With a focus on sustainability, CRRC develops and implements innovative technologies for harnessing renewable energy sources. The company also invests in energy storage systems to ensure efficient utilization and management of renewable energy. CRRC's dedication to renewable energy and energy storage aligns with its mission of promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

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